time lord

i can not accurately depict the amount of things i love too much.
Ice Ice baby…
- Tom Hiddleston whispers to Benedict Cumberbatch (via onebuttscratcher)


meg being really uncomfortable with how she feels about cas

meg touching cas, just lightly on the shoulder when he passes in the hall or on the cheek when they talk, as if she needs to remind herself he’s real

meg watching over cas at the hospital and saying the word “love” over and over…



But you know what I like best about Megstiel??

She’s a demon. She’s this tortured, corrupted soul who’s not supposed to feel these positive human emotions. She’s supposed to latch onto anger and sadness and pain. And then she meets Castiel and it doesn’t happen right away, it takes time and…


"Yes, I remember the pizza man, and it’s a good memory."



The first time Demon!Dean ever smoked out of his body was because he had heard a rumour that a bunch of other demons were going to be attacking his brother. Dean didn’t want to intervene, he just wanted to watch his baby brother in action. So he left his body in a motel with strict instructions…


"You corrupted me," he said.

"We corrupted each other," she said.

   - cas and meg at some point, probably.